Arbol Unveils Climate Risk Solution for Captives at VCIA Conference

3 min readAug 11, 2021


NEW YORK (August 11. 2021) — Arbol, an InsurTech platform for parametric weather protection products, today announced at the Vermont Captive Insurance Association (VCIA)’s annual conference the release of its streamlined “Captive+Parametric” solution for climate change risk management. The first of its kind service gives corporations a simple and practical way to take immediate action towards climate change risk management by transferring climate risks into captives using a parametric structure.

“90 percent of Fortune 500 companies have captive insurers for managing traditional and emerging risks. As the demand for companies to better manage and disclose climate change risks grows as severe weather events become a greater point of global concern, the traditional risk management framework will need to account for risks related to climate and weather,” said Hong Guo, Arbol’s EVP and Chief Insurance Officer. “We believe that captive is the best mechanism and that parametric protection is the ideal product structure for corporations to start actively managing mounting climate risks. Arbol’s new Captive+Parametric solution will give corporations the ability to leverage Arbol’s proprietary pricing tools and climate data platform to easily implement this process.”

Arbol’s streamlined climate risk solution for captives gives corporations access to Arbol’s full suite of technology and data tools, including:

  • Data and Climate Intelligence: Access to over 1,000 terabytes of standardized and cleaned climate data, forecasts, and models through its dClimate data platform.
  • Online Structuring and Pricing Tools: Corporations can choose the risks their businesses are facing and Arbol’s proprietary pricing platform will offer a range of coverage options and pricing to choose from.
  • Rapid, Automatic Settlements: When the selected triggers in a parametric contract are met according to tamper-proof, publicly verifiable datasets, Arbol’s smart contracts will settle automatically and trigger a rapid payout with no claims process and no additional paperwork.

The founding team of Arbol released its massive, decentralized data infrastructure earlier this year as a standalone network and climate intelligence platform called dClimate. The dClimate data marketplace will launch early this fall, and recently added famed investor and entrepreneur Mark Cuban to its team as a strategic advisor and investor.

Arbol closed a Series A funding round in January of this year led by Mubadala Capital-Ventures, and announced late last year that it had secured in excess of $1 billion of dedicated, non-traditional risk capacity to further its expansion and offer competitive pricing. Arbol leverages machine learning, AI, and blockchain technology to bring transparency and efficiency to the weather risk market. Its user-friendly, proprietary pricing platform allows individuals and businesses to customize parametric coverage programs for a variety of weather risks across several industries with just a few clicks. It currently serves individuals and businesses in the agriculture, energy, maritime, and hospitality sectors, and also offers customized climate risk products and solutions for various categories of weather risk.

About Arbol:

Arbol is an InsurTech platform for parametric products that pay users quickly and fairly covering external risks such as unexpected weather. Arbol leverages big data and cutting edge technology (AI, machine learning, blockchain) to bring transparency and efficiency to the weather risk market. Arbol’s proprietary pricing platform enables users to customize a coverage program and get live pricing directly through the app. It is powered by an AI underwriter built to keep premiums as low as possible. Arbol’s self-executing smart contracts are triggered by objective, tamper-proof and trusted datasets, which facilitate an automatic payout for the user when the threshold for loss in their contract is met, meaning they never have to file a claim to get paid. Arbol’s products currently serve individuals and businesses in the agriculture, energy, maritime and leisure industries.

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